Without fail, everyone we have worked with has experienced an increased level of confidence when seeing the final draft of their resume.  Our goal is to hear people say “WOW, I look so good!”  When someone sees clearly that they have skills to offer they are proud to show this new resume to prospective employers and people in their network.  

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At Resume Pro Canada our mission is to ensure that Canadian job seekers have a resume they will be proud to present; a resume that will make them stand out from the crowd; a resume that works!  

Resume Pro Canada is led by our experienced designer Carrie Wakeford and her support team of developers and proofreaders.  We are based in Peterborough Ontario, but use technology to work with clients from across Canada, and internationally, including ex-pats preparing for their return to Canada.

We are not limited to helping people from one field or occupation.  Our clients include experienced workers from entry level to senior executives; as well as people changing careers, moving up or moving laterally.  Our clients have found positions in a variety of fields and occupations, including management, human resources and accounting, healthcare, teaching, counselling,  customer service, sales, programming, engineering, production, construction, tool and die and equipment operation.  We have a science, forensics, lab, biology specialist on our team helping new graduates and seasoned professionals .

At Resume Pro Canada – your success is our business. 


Contact us at: or (705)745-1607 to book an appointment or to ask us a question.

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