Carrie is an amazing coach, a great listener who has guided me over the last few months as I transitioned careers and re-found my passions. A chat with her is always welcome, she is so friendly and I always end up learning so much more than just what the call was about. I highly recommend her to anyone changing careers or looking for their next great move.


After hearing that the GM plant in Oshawa was closing I decided I better get some help getting a resume done.  I found Carrie Wakeford on the Internet so I gave her a call.   After meeting with her I knew I had made the right choice.  I would highly recommend Carrie Wakeford to get that professional resume done.

Thank you Carrie!
George C.

Job in Nursing

Anna did a terrific job analyzing, organizing, and presenting my resume in a more coherent and detailed order. It is a resume that I am proud of, and better expresses my individual, educational, and career points. Anna’s input and attention to detail, plus the time she spent discussing the details with me over the phone, were most appreciated. Employers and interviewers have told me that my resume was impressive and I must thank Anna for a great job in revamping it. I definitely recommend her services. Anna’s help went far beyond what I expected. In addition to her superb writing skills, I was also impressed with the prompt service she gave me. My updated resume helped me to secure two jobs in my field in a span of two months.
Lorena Bressan, RN, BScN, BSc

Resume Assistance

“I’m really glad Anna was a dedicated professor who would give 100% of her time to help develop each and every student’s career goals, most importantly, corrections of the resumes. No one would take so much time and energy to correct anyone’s resume”.

Grateful Student

“Dear Anna, I wanted to say thank you. You may not have known but you have made a large impact on me the last three years…This was an amazing feeling for me to know that you cared about me and my life. Now I am in 4th year and graduating and you still have been amazing. You allowed my to change one of your assignments so I could do a cover letter in Genetic Counseling. You have also helped me with my resume to apply to more positions….I really appreciate everything you have done for me”.
N. S.

Interview Preparation

Carrie Wakeford KNOWS HER STUFF

I have the privileged to know Carrie and to be a recipient of her expertise.  I wanted to prepare for an interview so I ask Carrie if she would do a mock interview with me. Carrie prepared a list of interview questions based on the job posting; questions I could potentially be asked.

The day the actual interview took place, I was surprised to discover 75% of the questions we practiced were questions Carrie had asked, with slight modifications.

Hence my introductory moment “Carrie Wakeford KNOWS HER STUFF”.  I can say that a practice interview with Carie would be a worthwhile investment in your future.

Two Career Options

I needed resumes for two career options I was exploring.  After over 30 years in academic, management, counselling and consulting roles, I needed guidance in targeting my resumes. Carrie was able to truly hear what I have brought to my positions and found the perfect words to describe those attributes.  Both of my resumes are great!  I have secured the ideal job!
Maxine Mann

Prompt and Professional

Wow! Looks great. Thank you so much for your prompt and professional services, I’m very grateful!
D. C.

Résumé Assistance

Thank you so much.  I appreciate you modifying my résumé for my future.  I look forward to working with you again if I need some tweaks done, or a new résumé for a completely new position.  I will also recommend you to anybody I know looking for professional career help.
R. K.

Professional Resume and Letter

I contacted Carrie to give my resume a large overhaul as I was interested in applying to a job after being self employed for many years and didn’t know where to start.  It was a bit of a time crunch and Carrie accommodated by calling me late one evening to get the information she needed to get started.  I was beyond thrilled with the incredibly professional resume she put together for me.  She was able to draw out skills and showcase them in the best light, some I hadn’t thought of in a while.  But asking the right questions she was able to uncover all aspects of my past jobs to highlight in applying to this specific job.  As I am actively looking for a job she was able to tweak my already amazing resume and cover letter and gear it towards another dream job I ran across.  Thank you Carrie, I wasn’t sure about paying someone to write my resume but I am very happy I did as I could have never put together such an amazing and professional resume as you did. I highly recommend Carrie and her skills.
S. Phillips

I needed a CV Update

I had the good fortune to work with Carrie to prepare and refresh my CV.  It had been several years since I looked at my CV. When I did I realized it was not going to afford me a competitive place in the current job market.  After considerable research on the Internet I realized there was plenty of opportunities to “build your own” with a significant cost.  I knew that I need that personal touch of an expert as I was not aware of current best practice.  I also knew I needed to be able to converse with someone to explain some of my skill sets.  Even though I read the amazing testimonials, I was still apprehensive.  I also had a prospective opportunity and knew that I would be competing with the best in my field which meant that my CV would be crucial.  I was impressed by Carrie’s quick turn around and efficiency which also met my needs to apply for this position.  A huge thank you Carrie for making me look so good!

Satisfied Customer

It has been a pleasure working with Carrie in developing my résumé. Even though I was out of town we were able to set up a phone call and work together to achieve the results I wanted from my résumé and have it completed within a week! Carrie has been extremely helpful in answering all my questions with respect to the résumé and cover letter. I have had two successful interviews with one ending in a job offer. Thanks Carrie !! 

From a satisfied Customer 🙂
Rachel H.

Career Direction

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have counsel and expert advise from Carrie Wakeford.  Some of the many ways Carrie supported me was to offer her professional advice to develop some key thought provoking career paths and craft my resume.  Her recommendations to highlight my skills, interests and abilities enabled me to be positioned well to transition into a number of areas.  Carrie truly cares and is very sincere in her professional approach to help when one is seeking opportunities to develop and evolve both personally and professionally.
Anne D.

Dream Job

I would not hesitate to recommend Carrie Wakeford for any of your resume or career search needs. I had applied to many businesses and failed to receive even one response. Thanks to Carrie I got my dream job! She is very kind, thorough and patient. Carrie is meticulous in her attention to detail on any resume or documentation. More importantly, Carrie is expedient and provided me options on different resume formats. She is very professional and took the time to explain the proper use of each resume. Bottom line, Carrie exceeded my expectations; she is truly talented. Thank you Carrie!!!

Increased Confidence

She is a very down to earth person who is so easy to talk to. You always feel better about yourself after meeting with her. In the past year, she has helped me believe in myself and all that I have to offer in terms of my job skills and interview process. She has done a wonderful job in helping me gain back my self confidence!! Carrie is certainly in the right job field!!!
Carole B.

Resume Pro Canada