The Consulting Process

Career Support

At various stages of your career, you may find that you need support other than resume and letter development.  Through phone, email and other online communication options, we can assist you in areas such as career decision making, job search and interview preparation.  Share your ideas and questions with someone who can guide you in generating some options through discussion, goal setting, feedback and support. 

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The Interview Process

We begin by reviewing the job posting, then we develop a series of interview questions.  You will receive a list of interview questions developed for the exact position you are seeking.  The questions will include behavioural, scenario and traditional questions.  Together we talk with you to develop the best possible answers and of course, role play is always an option if you wish.  You will feel confident having had the opportunity to think about, formulate and discuss your answers.  Feedback from an unbiased observer can help you develop strong answers that highlight the knowledge, skills and abilities you can bring to the position.

Career Counselling 

Using phone, email and/or online communication, we can work with you on setting and implementing career goals.


The cost for our career services is based on an hourly rate.  For more information or a quote for the specific services you need, please contact us at (705)745-1607 or .  

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