The Development Process

A Team Approach

At Resume Pro Canada we find that a team approach to resume and cover letter development is the most effective.  You are the content expert, only you know your story.  We are the interview and marketing experts; we learn your story and summarize it for employers.  This method requires a time investment; however, we believe your career is too important for a template.  After 25 years of resume writing, we can confidently say that generic resumes, based on a job title alone, do not work as well as a customized resume. 

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What to Expect

It all begins with an initial phone consultation.  We talk with you to learn about your work, education, training and life experiences.  Our specialty is asking the right questions to learn the details so that we can accurately document your successes and accomplishments.  We also capture your personal style.  We create a resume and letter that will be the best representation of your knowledge, skills and abilities.  

Once we have gathered information from you directly, we review your past resume and letters, then we do our own research into your field and occupation.  If there is a specific job posting, we assess the posting for keywords and skill requirements. We select a font, colour, layout and style that will work best for your situation.  We develop your content using keywords and action words that we present in short, clear, powerful points that will match what you have to offer to what is needed in the position you are seeking.  Once we have a draft, we work with you to do a review and edit.  In the final step, your resume and letter are screened by two independent proofreaders.

You Receive

  • A professional resume and/or letter
    • A copy in both Word and PDF formats, suitable for email, print and ATS systems
  • A list of references formatted to match your resume and letter
  • Practice answering interview questions
    • Our clients report that answering our questions helped them prepare for job interviews

Document Critique and Customization

You send us your resume and/or letter and we provide feedback, verbally, in writing or both, if you prefer.  If you need an existing letter and resume customized, you send us a copy of your current documents, as well as the job posting.  From there we target your current resume and letter to the position.


If you have more questions about our Resume and Letter service, feel free to explore our Blog where you will learn more about Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Action Words and Keywords.  You can also contact us directly with your specific questions.  

Ask about our resume/letter package pricing or our standalone services. 

To arrange a time to start customizing your resume and/or letter, you can call us at (705)745-1607 or email us at .

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