The Value

At Resume Pro Canada, we believe that the only way you can decide on the value of a professional resume service, is to assess the value to you personally.  We can provide you with a few questions that will help you with your decision, as well as a price range for our services.

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Assessing Value

To calculate how much you should pay for a resume, many resume writers recommend taking the hourly wage you will earn in your field and multiplying it by 20 hours (the approximate length of time a developer will spend on your resume).  Others suggest that the cost should be equal to one week’s earnings; based on the assumption that a good resume will speed the job search process by a minimum of one week. 

While these methods can be helpful, we have learned over the years that the value of a professional resume writing service is unique to the individual.  The following questions can help with your decision. 

  • Is my current resume working; am I being called for interviews?
  • Am I confident in my writing and design skills? 
  • Do I have the time to invest?
  • Is there an urgency; a time pressure?
  • Will it be a stressful process?  
  • Does my current career goal add complexity?
    • Seeking to advance in my career, changing my field or occupation, seeking a senior level position

Price Range

We base our design and development pricing on a number of specific factors, including the length of your career, the complexity of your work, your career goal and the age of your most recent resume.  For example, if you are changing careers, seeking a promotion, or moving laterally in the same field or occupation, our approach to developing your resume will be very different.  However, we want to provide you with a price range for our services that can help you with decision making.

Resume Design and Development and a Reference List: $300 to $1,200

Cover Letter: $100 to $200

Interview Skills Practice and Questions: $100 to $200 

Note: Contact us at or call (705)745-1607 to discuss package pricing for our services.


If you are interested in other types of career support the cost is $85 per hour. 

Services include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Portfolio Consultation
  • LinkedIn Consultation
  • Resume or Letter, LinkedIn Critique: If you have developed your resume and letter and would like feedback
  • Resume or Letter Customization: If you need assistance targeting your resume and letter to a specific position


Let us provide you with a quote for the design and development of your resume or any other career services you need.  

To get a quote from Resume Pro Canada based on your situation, please send us an email at or call (705)745-1607.  If you are interested in more than one service we can customize a package for you so you get the best price.

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