Resume Pro Canada offers resume and cover letter development; however we know that you may require additional supports and services to be able to advance in your career.  Developing your interview skills, creating a portfolio, having support in making a career or training decision, or having your current resume and letter evaluated by a career professional are all services offered at RPC.  

Interview Preparation

Successful job search requires skills in both sales and marketing.  The job interview is the sales side and your resume and cover letter are the marketing side.  Some people are good at ‘selling themselves’ in interviews, however, most people benefit from some preparation.  At Resume Pro Canada, we can help you develop your interview answers so when you are in front of a hiring committee you feel confident.  You will be prepared to present your knowledge, skills and abilities for the position. 

Career Coaching 

Are you at the decision making stage of career planning?  If you are trying to decide on a career direction or make a decision about education and training, you will benefit from talking with a career professional.  Explore options, develop a plan and set goals so you are on the right track.

Are you at the job search stage?  If you are looking for tips in implementing your job search, including career portfolio development, contacting employers or networking, you will benefit from talking with a career professional.  You will also find information and guidance in our Blog.


To talk about your specific career management needs, please call us at (705)745-1607 or .  As a guide we have posted a price range.

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