Science Specialist

Anna Cappelli

Anna specializes in assisting individuals who wish to enter a scientific field or advance in their science related career.  If you have a scientific background, Anna can help you market yourself to a wide audience through a well worded resume and cover letter.  She can also help you prepare for interviews by developing answers to key interview questions from a science perspective. 

Anna draws on her 30 years experience in the scientific field and her six years’ experience resume writing and career coaching in academic settings.  Whether you are new to the field, or a seasoned professional, Anna’s guidance can help you on the path to career success. 

Individuals seeking careers in science-related fields face unique challenges.  Communicating science to non-scientists is a critical component of success.  Being able to help people transfer their scientific experience and training to their resumes, letters and interviews is a real passion of mine.

Anna Cappelli, Science Specialist

The Details

Resumes, Letters, Interviews and Career Coaching

Anna draws on her extensive forensic and science background, her communication skills, her teaching ability and her many years in the workforce preparing forensic reports for juries/judges to help others enter and advance in the scientific field.  Her experience combined with her extensive knowledge of career services means Anna can prepare others for a career in forensics, biology, labs, nursing and related fields.

Anna currently oversees self-assessments, develops and critiques resumes and completes mock interviews with her students as they prepare for internships and jobs in the field.  She guides individuals in career exploration and goal setting. Anna has worked closely with career service departments at both the college and university level.  She has also mentored individuals in the field.

Scientific Experience

Anna has been teaching for over thirteen years at both the college and university level.  Currently she is instructing courses in the Forensic discipline, as well as in the areas of Professionalism and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.  For 23 years, she was employed with the Centre of Forensic Sciences as a Forensic Chemist with experience in the area of trace evidence analysis (i.e. paint, glass and plastics cosmetics).  Casework examinations involved extensive microscopy, as well as the operation of various instruments (PGC-MS, FT-IR, SEM-EDX, GRIM and XRD).  Anna has also completed auditor training and participated in many internal audits.  Anyone working in a lab position is intimately aware of the importance of a quality management system and what an asset it is to possess skills in this area. In addition, she has been responsible for research on innovative methods of sample analysis and training of various clients such as police services. 


Anna has completed her Resume Writer certification with the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW).

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