Other Attributes

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EMPLOYERS VALUE ATTRIBUTES It’s common for employers to say, “I can train people to do a job, but I can’t change their attitude”.  What they are talking about is the attributes you bring to the position.  Along with attitude, this includes your personality traits, individual characteristics, interests, temperament and values.  For example, an employer can teach someone to run a … Read more

Action Words

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WHAT ARE ACTION WORDS? These are the words that have the power to create a picture of you in action.  In fact, the first word of every bullet point on your resume must be an action word!  It is helpful to consider that action words are verbs.  This will help when you are checking the bullet points on your resume, … Read more


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THE IMPORTANCE OF KEYWORDS These are industry specific words that tell the employer you fit; keywords show you understand the language of the field and occupation.  Keywords and phrases can include job titles, credentials, associations, tasks and things such as tools and equipment and even employer names and place names.  Because keywords are industry specific, it may take a bit … Read more

Career Reflection

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REFLECTING ON PAST EXPERIENCES In our busy day-to-day lives we don’t often take time to recognize our accomplishments; we are too busy moving on to the next challenge.  Developing a resume can actually be a gift, because it gives you a reason to stop and reflect back on your work, education and life experiences and take stock of your successes.  … Read more

Most Proud Of

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MORE SUCCESSES In this post you will find starter sentences that will help you identify the accomplishments in your career, education and personal life.  You can start here or you can work through the ‘Accomplishments‘ Blog post first.  You can never spend too much time considering your past accomplishments. Finish the Sentence Finish five of the following sentences: I am … Read more


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IDENTIFYING ACCOMPLISHMENTS Using starter sentences can help you identify your accomplishments.  These accomplishment statements can help you write résumé content.  You can build accomplishments into the content of your résumé, or have an entire accomplishment section.  Identifying your accomplishments will also provide a base for developing answers to interview questions.   When you are considering your accomplishments, think about the things you … Read more

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