I needed a CV Update

I had the good fortune to work with Carrie to prepare and refresh my CV.  It had been several years since I looked at my CV. When I did I realized it was not going to afford me a competitive place in the current job market.  After considerable research on the Internet I realized there was plenty of opportunities to “build your own” with a significant cost.  I knew that I need that personal touch of an expert as I was not aware of current best practice.  I also knew I needed to be able to converse with someone to explain some of my skill sets.  Even though I read the amazing testimonials, I was still apprehensive.  I also had a prospective opportunity and knew that I would be competing with the best in my field which meant that my CV would be crucial.  I was impressed by Carrie’s quick turn around and efficiency which also met my needs to apply for this position.  A huge thank you Carrie for making me look so good!

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