Professional Resume and Letter

I contacted Carrie to give my resume a large overhaul as I was interested in applying to a job after being self employed for many years and didn’t know where to start.  It was a bit of a time crunch and Carrie accommodated by calling me late one evening to get the information she needed to get started.  I was beyond thrilled with the incredibly professional resume she put together for me.  She was able to draw out skills and showcase them in the best light, some I hadn’t thought of in a while.  But asking the right questions she was able to uncover all aspects of my past jobs to highlight in applying to this specific job.  As I am actively looking for a job she was able to tweak my already amazing resume and cover letter and gear it towards another dream job I ran across.  Thank you Carrie, I wasn’t sure about paying someone to write my resume but I am very happy I did as I could have never put together such an amazing and professional resume as you did. I highly recommend Carrie and her skills.
S. Phillips

Resume Pro Canada