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Career Documents


We have provided you with a list of documents that you can use to manage the various aspects of your career.  This can include building your resume and career portfolio, preparing for an interview and asking for a promotion or salary increase. 

Work through this list and identify anything you have and anything you still need to gather.  Keep in mind that this is a process, not something you will do in a day or even in a week.  In fact, collecting career related documents will continue throughout your career.  A paper or digital career portfolio is an ideal place to store and organize these documents.

Employment Documents

  1. A copy of your current job description
  2. Copies of your past job descriptions
    1. If you don’t have copies of your past job descriptions, you can search online for examples from other companies
  3. Any contracts you have signed with former employers
  4. Performance evaluations from current and past positions
  5. Examples of your work
    1. Documents, drawings, posts, writing, pictures, spreadsheets, blueprints etc. (taking care to protect any confidential material)
  6. Information about any special projects or assignments you completed
  7. Feedback and acknowledgements
    1. Thank-you letters, notes, emails from clients, peers and/or managers
  8. Assessment results
  9. Awards and achievements

Job Search Documents

  1. A copy of your current resume(s)
  2. Copies of your old resume(s)
  3. Letters of recommendation
    1. From employers, managers, peers, clients and/or volunteer supervisors
  4. A list of your past or current references
  5. Copies of job postings you have applied for in the past
  6. Career assessment results

Education and Training Documents

  1. Diplomas/Degrees/Certificates/Licences/Training/Professional Development
    1. Including “Certificates of Participation”
  2. Transcripts
  3. Scholarships, awards and honours
  4. A list of completed training courses
    1. Including employment/volunteer training and general interest courses
  5. A list of all employer sponsored training and/or on-the-job training
  6. A list of any conferences and/or workshops you have attended

Other Documents

  1.  Achievements
  2. Community involvement
  3. Volunteer work
  4. Memberships/Clubs/Associations

Missing Documents

As you gather your career documents you may discover that you can’t find an original copy of something you think is important.  In this case, you may want to create your own record.  For example, if you received a “Perfect Attendance” award but you no longer have a copy, you can create a new file and record any of the details you remember about the award.  You are not recreating the award, you are just making yourself a reminder note.


Once you have collected your Career Documents you will want to organize them in a way that they will be easy to find.  If you have paper copies, you may want to scan the documents so you can save them on your computer, backed up externally as well (external storage or cloud).   

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